Portland brands are centered on innovation and ingenuity.

From breweries to outdoor sporting goods. The hip, outdoorsy culture thrives on the unique way of doing a traditional concept or idea and making it a revolutionary solution. As a Seattle based company, YoYo String Creative understands and works with the latest technology and is perfect for working with smaller, quirkier niches. The Pacific North West has a style all of its own and working collaboratively within the same region enables us to deliver a more advanced product while being fun, exciting and real. Take a look what YoYo String has done with Nike in Portland and what services we can offer to get a taste of how working with a film expert closer to home benefits a more specialized and innovative brand.


A Portland Project: KEEN

It was great to work with KEEN on a 360 project that highlighted the store and allowed them to create an interactive 360 experience where views could pick out a virtual shoe. 


Client:  Keen Shoes
Location: Portland, Oregon
Project: 360 Video Production
Use:  Distributed in stores and on the web