Work Portfolio

Traditional Video + Animation + Motion Graphics + Virtual Reality


We have helped small businesses, national organizations and fortune 500
companies create unique and creative video to help them communicate their stories through
non-profit video, corporate video, commercial video, documentary video, interviews, and brand driven video.



Animation is a popular way to share a story, explain a process or highlight a program.
We have experience providing all styles of animation that include:
White Board, Explainer, Classic Hand Drawn, Flat Design, Motion Graphic, Stop Motion and Claymation.



Motion Graphics add production value to traditional video and offer a professional look for
Logo Reveals, Animation, Intros, Infographics, Commercials and special effects.


360 Video

360 video is a new and exciting way of sharing an experience or environment in a way video cannot.
Place the viewer right where you want them in a VR headset or out.
Click on the examples below and be sure to use your mouse to move the video in 360 space.
For even more information on our 360 and Virtual Reality Experiences visit our dedicated VR site at