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Large Commercial production studio Yoyostring Creative

Large Commercial Production Studio

When is comes to choosing a production company and choosing a studio there are 10 things to think about before you book.   By following these 5 tips, you can be fairly confident the studio and the production company will be able to meet the needs of your project.  So let’s get to it!  Here are the top five

  1. What do you want to create in the studio? 
    Studios have a variety of uses from plays, photography, and film.  Make sure the studio you rent is the best for video.  Find out what else has been produced there.  If others have found the studio great for video, then chances are you will too.
  2. Does the studio come with equipment? 
    Some studios have the added benefit of allowing you to use their equipment rent free!   This is usually gear like C-stand, tripods, scrims, and maybe some lighting.  This can cut your costs overall, so it’s a great benefit.  Besides that some studios have equipment you can rent, and some do not have any equipment at all, so best to check to make sure your equipment needs are met.  The production studio you hire should have some equipment as well. Just get clear.
  3. Does the studio have a cyc wall?  (See the picture below).
    A cyc wall is wall that curves at the end of the ground which allows a seamless shot from ceiling to floor.  This is great for large shoots, or shoots that require a green screen.  Most smaller video shoots with interviews don’t need a cyc wall.  But if you want to get creative and offer a really wide shot with your interview, that could be a dynamic shot.
  4. Can you paint the wall?  Does it come with backgrounds? 
    Most studios will have either a brick wall to shoot against (if the studio is in an older building), or a pain white wall.  Some studio will paint, or let you paint a color on the back wall, either for green screen or branding purposes.  This might or might not have an extra fee.  It may make more sense to use a seamless paper background or fabric background.  It would be helpful to know if the studio you rent have these to use or rent, or do you need to bring your own if you want to.  This is something to talk to your production company about as well.
  5. How many hours does the studio consider a day rate?
    Most studios will offer you a day rate for use.  Make sure you know how many hours their day rate allows.

    Some studios consider 8 hours a day as a day rate and others will allow as many as 10 hours.  Hiring a production company or studio that allows more hours will obviously save you money.  NOTE:  One thing to keep in mind with the day rate however – shooting video is very taxing, and we have found that shooting over 6 hours can not only be exhausting, it can effect quality of the the crew working on your project.  Sometimes it’s better having shorter days allow rest – which renews the crew and keeps them on their best game.


Small Green Screen Interview only studio

Small Green Screen Interview Studio – for interview only

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Large cyc wall studio

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Brick wall studio background studio


Very Large professional green screen cyc wall studio

Very Large professional green screen cyc wall studio

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