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For many businesses and organizations, one of the most disappointing disruptions from Coronavius was the cancelation of an event, concert, meeting, conference, or gala.
Another option besides canceling is to move your event online through a conference platform or live streaming event.
We have built a full Live Streaming Studio at Collective Chemistry, to accommodate an individual or team.  Up to four cameras, and the capability to switch between speakers and graphics, even allow online viewers to answer questions in real-time.

If you are wanting to explore how to keep your event going we can help, whether it’s a conference or just a one-person keynote, we have you covered. 

Ten reasons live streaming can be a great option, even after the pandemic crisis ends. 

  1.  Engage Attendees:  Live streaming has the ability to engage attendees unable to come to an event  – or when an event cannot be presented as usual, such as during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  It’s a great way to share an educational experience, performance, discussion, or a personal message.
  2.  Increased Attendance:  Up to 30% of people attending a live-streamed event have attended the live physical event the next year.
  3. Remote speaking:  Live streaming the event to people in remote, international locations, or those who cannot attend physically – like in pandemic times, can save thousands of dollars in travel expenses and travel time.
  4. Save Money: Live streaming to those with long-distance requirements can save money and time.
  5. Increased User Experience:  Live streaming can increase the number of people who will see your event.
  6. Target Dormant Members:  In some cases up to 50% of people attending a live-streamed event in the past, providing the organization with a great tool to target dormant members.
  7. Great Virtual Community:  Live streaming can create a virtual community of attendees that will spin off networking opportunities and long term relationships.
  8. Archive Your Event:  Live streaming and archiving your event will provide you with a recording that can be watched over and over again both by those who attended the event, and those who could not attend.
  9. increase Revenue: Live streaming your event to sponsors web sites or industry portals can provide a significant source of revenue to cover event costs or generate additional profits.
  10. Valuable information:  Live streaming can provide an inexpensive way of sharing valuable information with employees, sales teams, customers, and clients and being able to get instant feedback and engagement through chat, polling, and twitter.

If you would like to explore how you can live stream your event – give us a call and we can share the options!

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