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Like many industries, the video production world has pretty much come to a stop with the arrival of the Coronavirus.   Many jobs canceled or postponed to a later date because of shutting down orders, fear of congregating and budget concerns are the norms for most video production companies.

We are in this together.  Some companies or organizations that are still able to do business or run their operations from home and remotely are still looking for ways to do some continued marketing through the crisis to prepare for the other side.  For now, it’s tough, if not illegal to gather together for a video shoot.  That leaves stock footage as an option but is not always helpful depending on the type of video piece that needs to be produced.

One of the ideas that we have found helpful for a business that still wants to produce some marketing through this unprecedented time is ANIMATION. 

Animation has been becoming more popular with agencies and businesses because of the variety and the process.  One big benefit is that animation can be done completely remotely.   Usually, a pre-production phone call to decide on the direction and scope of the content to be produced is all that is needed for the ball to put into play and completed with minimal back and forth, except for three emails for revision working leading to the final cut.

The Animation Process:
Scripting:  Our team takes your ideas and we develop a script to your approval and tone that is important for your story or message.
Alternatively, if you already have a script written or a concept in mind, great – we can take it from there and move to the next stage.

Storyboard: From scripting, we move to the storyboard where we lay out the visual story with the script story itself.  Even if the animation does not have a voice-over track and is only set to music, a storyboard still gives a visual direction to the visual cues.  We can even develop an animatic, which is a storyboard simply animated to show flow and movement.

Design:  Next, we develop and draw the art assets needed for the animation; characters, backgrounds, and props.  Approved by you this art will faithfully represent what the final animation will look like stylistically, minus the motion.

Animation: This is where the magic happens.  We take all of the assets and add motion; entries and exits, the rigging of characters, adding kinetic text, morph and grow; movement every second of the video making it dynamic and watchable.

Music & Sound FX:  We take a lot of time to review and choose music because of the importance of music to the success of the animation.  Plus, an optional voice over and sound effects to fill out the piece and give it a final feel.

Render & Deliver:  After all that, the finalized video is exported and safely delivered into your hand, or inbox or dropbox – whatever you prefer.  We believe after you make one, you’ll want to make more.

This is a surreal, terrible time, and as the virus makes it’s way across the country, most of us have enough to worry about, while we try to keep and in some cases save our businesses.  We also want to keep our pace and be ready to move forward when we are able to proceed with business as normal.  If you have a need or want to create a consistent marketing message, keep animations in mind; it’s a great way to produce content remotely. We are open and ready to work for you during this time.  Stay healthy and safe.



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