We Were On Twitter's Home Page!

Sasquatch 2014 on Twitter

I have to admit.  I am not much of a twitter guy.  (This is Jae by the way - Yoyostring Creative owner).  I can never really think of anything that I think will be interesting enough to tweet about.  Although here I am writing on a blog, so what's the difference I guess?  Sorry, I digressed. The point is - I was a tweet! 

Last May we spent an entire weekend in the middle of Washington State filming and switching live IMAG for over 27 amazing bands.  Sasquatch 2014!  We help run the entire live production with our sister company Red Element Studios; our live event partner.  It was an amazing weekend - and yesterday when I opened Twitter - there we were! The picture above.  Our bus, our work and me! I know it was me, I recognize the band on the IMAG and know that I was on stage at that moment! 

Our IMAG show, our production Bus, and I think me - filming!  Well I don't know if that's exactly me at that moment  - but I was up there plenty.  
The closest I will ever get to being a rock star - onstage with the bands in front of the screaming, crowd surfing mob.  

Jae Macallan