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This is a group for freelancers in the creative industry; web design, graphic design, photography, motion graphics, video and film, writing, art, coding, architecture and music. Join us for support in running a business from marketing, pricing and client management, networking with other creatives for social support, ideas, and business. As of this date we have over 900 members.  Our Meetup topics usually focus on a variety of topics that influence and impact Freelancers.  Examples are taxes, how to interact with clients, burnout, what to charge, and more.  The format is simple: we meet up for some social time; beer, wine and cheese and sometimes those little sausage weenies. We then play a bit together, like coloring a mural or drawing our favorite sandwich.  Then 20 minutes on the topic and in discussions.  Sometimes the conversations will take us in different directions and topics and that turns out better than what was planned!  We finish with everyone going around and sharing what they are needing right now - then more wine!   Join us!  Even if your not a freelancer or in video production - it's a great group! 


Jae Macallan