New Service - Projection Mapping

We are excited to offer projection mapping!  A single square projection screen is just not enough anymore.  Events are demanding more and more wow moments, and projection mapping can deliver.  Take any surface: a wall, floor, building, plane, boat, house, water, even a human body - add a projector, some mapping software and some interesting video graphics and you have a new, fresh and exciting way of adding interest and effects.  Below are some great examples of projection mapping.  If you are interested in exploring how this media can take your event to the next level, contact us! 

Jae Macallan
Tuning Motion Graphic Skills


I am just now completing a six week intensive expert course on motion graphics.
So excited to offer more options with graphics and animation for our clients!
The piece above shows the astounding power of motion and animation.

Both styles are becoming very popular and increase production value in amazing ways.  Please contact us if you are interested in a unique project that stands out from traditional video. 



Jae Macallan
What does an editor do?

I found a cool video that explains visually what happens during the editing process.  I thought it really highlighted some of the decisions it takes to tell the story!  A homage to every editor out there in those dark rooms creating art with moving images. This is a great example of complex motion graphics. 

Jae Macallan
We Won Two Telly Awards

The Telly Awards are the premier awards honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, the finest film and video productions, and groundbreaking web commercials, videos and films. Winners represent the best work of the most respected agencies and production studios in the advertising, television, cable, and corporate video industries in the world.

 We just won two Telly Awards, a silver and a bronze for two of our 2014 video presentations.  Both videos, World Aids Day and Bush School can be seen on our hompage.

Jae Macallan
Sasquatch Music Festival
Video for Sasquatch music festival.

We are excited to announce that we will be parntering with our sister company Red Element Studios to provide the LIVE IMAG show at the main stage of Sasquatch this year! 

Jae Macallan
Portland Oregon Office
Portland office for Video production

We now have an office in Portland, Oregon and are available video services in the Portland area.
We recently produced 360 video for Nike - a Portland icon.

Jae Macallan
Quadcopter Inspire
Our drone for aerial footage.

We recently bought a DJI Inspire Quadcopter for Aerial Footage.  It's been a great investment in making our productions top notch and professional as an added benefit to our clients.  Incredible shots of school campuses, or dynamic shots of people entering buildings or walking down an alley in a narrative.  

Below is an example of the footage that we have captured with our Inspire! 

Jae Macallan

This is how the three screen video looked at the
World Aids Day Breakfast at the Seattle Convention Center. 
This is also a great example of our multi-screen presentations. 

A live picture of the multiscreen set up.
Jae Macallan
We Were On Twitter's Home Page!
Sasquatch 2014 on Twitter

I have to admit.  I am not much of a twitter guy.  (This is Jae by the way - Yoyostring Creative owner).  I can never really think of anything that I think will be interesting enough to tweet about.  Although here I am writing on a blog, so what's the difference I guess?  Sorry, I digressed. The point is - I was a tweet! 

Last May we spent an entire weekend in the middle of Washington State filming and switching live IMAG for over 27 amazing bands.  Sasquatch 2014!  We help run the entire live production with our sister company Red Element Studios; our live event partner.  It was an amazing weekend - and yesterday when I opened Twitter - there we were! The picture above.  Our bus, our work and me! I know it was me, I recognize the band on the IMAG and know that I was on stage at that moment! 

Our IMAG show, our production Bus, and I think me - filming!  Well I don't know if that's exactly me at that moment  - but I was up there plenty.  
The closest I will ever get to being a rock star - onstage with the bands in front of the screaming, crowd surfing mob.  

Jae Macallan
Creating An Animation

Expect the entire process from hiring to finished product to last anywhere from 4-8 weeks. This is the optimal amount of time the producer needs to get through all the writing, design, and revisions efficiently. Rushing this timeframe is possible, but it will likely cost you extra as the team will most often have to work overtime to finish it, generally on weekends.

Research & Kickoff (1st week)

The producer digs deep into your brand and your goals. With all this insight, you typically meet to agree on a direction for your video and discuss the process and plan for your production.

Script Writing (1st week)

In order to really engage the viewer and accomplish the goals you’ve set for the work during Kickoff, you need to have a killer script. It usually requires revisions and some back and forth to get it just right. This is, hands-down, the most critical component of your explainer video. If you’re script doesn’t work, you're dead in the water. Make sure the producer takes time to write an engaging, powerful script that works.

Storyboards & Styleframes

With a final script set, the artist creates a storyboard. This is typically a sketched (pencil or digital) representation of every single frame of your video. It should give you an idea of how your story will flow visually. Along with this, they’ll present a couple static renderings of what your video should end up looking like. This gives you an idea of the colors and feel of your video. Make sure it’s on brand!


Based on the script and branding information, a professional voice artist will get into the studio and record a read-through of the script. Some companies have voiceover artists at the ready, and others might sift through hundreds of auditions to find the right one. Be careful, some studios are OK with using subpar, non-professional voice artists that may not represent your brand well, but remember - audio quality is hugely important.

Design & Animation

The artist will continue to design out all the frames of the video for the animator. Once they’re complete and the voiceover is recorded, the animator will break every layer (sometimes numbering into the thousands) apart and meticulously animate each piece to match the voice recording. From here any changes to the script, storyboard or style could throw a huge kink in the timeline and incur more costs.

Sound Design

What is a video without sound? Boring! If you used a reputable producer, you’ll likely have sound design included. A professional sound designer will want to make sure the sound tells as much about you as the rest of the video. They’ll layer in custom sound FX to represent the movements in the video and either produce a completely custom music track or choose and fit a great track that’s royalty-free.


An editor will mix all the scenes with the final mix down of audio from the sound designer, render and deliver your video in the applicable formats.

Jae Macallan
San Diego Office
San Diego Video Production

We now have an office in San Diego and offer video production, motion graphics and live video services within the San Diego Area.
We are on Bacon Street in the Ocean Beach area.  We have worked with local companies like Scilearn and Union Bank of San Diego.

I flew to Orlando recently and interviewed a group of people that make a great software for kids. This software has helped students increase their reading skills within a single year.  We were hired by Fast Forward to produce a series of online videos and promos to promote the software and more importantly their success.

Below is our first video produced for them.  More to come. 

Jae Macallan
Creative Meetup
Creative Freelancer and Video Meetup logo


This is a group for freelancers in the creative industry; web design, graphic design, photography, motion graphics, video and film, writing, art, coding, architecture and music. Join us for support in running a business from marketing, pricing and client management, networking with other creatives for social support, ideas, and business. As of this date we have over 900 members.  Our Meetup topics usually focus on a variety of topics that influence and impact Freelancers.  Examples are taxes, how to interact with clients, burnout, what to charge, and more.  The format is simple: we meet up for some social time; beer, wine and cheese and sometimes those little sausage weenies. We then play a bit together, like coloring a mural or drawing our favorite sandwich.  Then 20 minutes on the topic and in discussions.  Sometimes the conversations will take us in different directions and topics and that turns out better than what was planned!  We finish with everyone going around and sharing what they are needing right now - then more wine!   Join us!  Even if your not a freelancer or in video production - it's a great group! 


Jae Macallan
Our Creative Collective
Seattle Creative Co-Working Space


We started Red Element Collective to create a Seattle co-working space of creative professionals all working on various projects for tons of different clients. We’re all independent, but we like to collaborate and bounce ideas off of one another, making a space that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

What’s so great about this place?

First off, it’s nice to not have to work alone in your underwear from your apartment. We run real companies and solve real creative problems.

Secondly, it’s awesome to be able to bounce your ideas off other creative folks.

And finally, it’s awesome to have the resources of a true office and studio space.

Our office houses a unique blend of creative individuals, businesses, startups and more. Located right in the heart of downtown, the creativity energy is always flowing here from the buzz of the city (and sometimes the buzz from our bar!)

  • A studio for recording, greenscreen work, meetings… it’s got a full professional lighting setup as well. It may be small, but it packs a professional punch
  • Large screen 46″ LCD display to show work or collaborate on projects.
  • Lounge area with 120″ LED LCD Video Wall
  • High speed business-class internet connection (wired or WiFi)
  • Unlimited color laser printing
  • Kitchen Area with fridges, coffee makers, ice maker, microwave, etc
  • Free access to 2 building conference rooms, bike room, showers, lunch room
Jae Macallan