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Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics add production value to traditional video and offer a professional look for Logo Reveals, Animation, Intros, Infographics, Commercials and special effects. Motion graphics offers a lower-cost alternative to animation that can be just as effective. Make use of images, movement, and audio in one great medium.
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What Are Motion Graphics?

The term motion graphics sounds like it is another way to say “animation.” The difference is they’re essentially just still graphics that transform over time. They are often used to represent animated, abstract shapes and forms. Logos and logo elements are examples.

Still confused? Another way to think of motion graphics is that they use text as a major component, so it’s really just graphic design but animated.

Why Use Motion Graphics?

Mixed with music and great copy, motion graphics are a superior way to communicate with your viewer. Using a motion graphic will add depth to your story. You can use them for:

  • Ads
  • Title sequences
  • Videos
  • Sharing information

Motion graphics are more informative, and offer more context than images. They don’t overload a page, they convey your message in imaginative ways, and can be attention grabbing.

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