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Seattle Video and Animation Company

 Our seattle video and animation company has been creating compelling media for over 17 years.  With creative agency services include design, concept development, story-boarding, script writing, talent, filming, animating, and all types of post production, we are driven by creativity and trying something new.

We help inspire your viewers and achieve your vision to ensure you’re getting bounding creativity and excellent production value. We love building long term relationships and collaborating as partners on every project.

Whatever the brand, our core mission is to help build strong and provocative relationships between companies, organizations and their customers and clients.

Finally, we do big work, but run like a small boutique.
We value being friendly, helpful and available, every step of the way.

We’ve got this!


Video + Animation + Motion Graphics + Immersive Experiences

Flagship: Seattle, WA,  Satellites: San Diego + Portland + Los Angeles 

Standard Video Production

For over 10 years we have provided dynamic and effective video production for non-profits, commercial video for businesses and organiziations, large corporations and nationally known fortune 500 companies.  We can offer you the attention of a small boutique company with the production quality of a large production house.

Animation + Motion Graphics

We were one of the first production companies in Seattle serving the area and companies nationwide.  With our animators years of experience we are now able to offer all styles of animation from simple white board to complex hand drawn.  All of our animation is custom drawn and custom key framed.
Ask us for some examples!

360 Video + Immersive XP

Our 360 video and Immersive Experience was first highlighted at Dell World in Las Vegas offering the first user experience in a 360 headset.  Today, 360 video has moved more out of the headset and into 360 immersive experiences, using projectors and video mapping, plus adding interactive options that Immerse users.


Work Examples


It’s no surprise that video is one of the best ways to inspire people.  And it’s not just about going to the movies.  Every day millions of people watch millions of videos that make them laugh and cry, think.  Video that scares them, convinces them to buy something or even changes the way they live! 
One of our favorite things to do here at Yoyostring, is to move people in a direction that they may not have been heading before.  


It might be an image or maybe music, or graphics. Something unexpected can mean the difference between someone watching or not watching. Captivating people is easiest with video, but there is a lot of video out there for people to process. Because of this we spend time with each project making sure there is something unique and different for the viewers to grab onto.  The best video moves people to action and envokes an emtional response.



Finally sharing.  One of the best things about working on video projects for people, is the delivery of the final cut, and knowing they just want to show it off.
It’s great when we hear that a video was loved by the team, or my boss thought it was so great, or we made twice as much money at our fundraiser and we believe it is because of the video. 
That’s our final goal,  Creating a video piece that you can be proud of and want to show off! 


Contact Us - Request Work Examples

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Pre-Production Form

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