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Affordable Seattle Video Production for the People!

  We Are Yoyostring, a Seattle-based full-service video production company who’s services include design, audience analysis, concept development, story-boarding, script writing, talent, filming, animating, voice over, color correction, audio mixing and editing for traditional video and animation.  

We help inspire your viewers and achieve your vision to ensure you’re getting
bounding creativity and excellent production value.

We love building long term relationships and collaborating as partners on every project.   

That’s called a 100% risk free guarantee.

We’ve been excited to work with really well known brands like NIKE, Dell and Boeing;
but we cater to our smaller local brand partners just like the big ones,
and offer the same service and quality. 

Our Vibe!  We’ve got this!

We create high end
video & animation. Affordable.

Non-profit, commercial, corporate, documentary, animation, motion graphics,
info-graphics, promotional and art.

Tell us what you want to create, and let us prove how we can show what you want to tell. Fabulously. together.




Flat Design 2D Animation

Explainer videos have exploded on the internet and on web sites, and one of the most popular styles is flat-design and shape animation.  Using only shapes created in a vector art program allows each asset to be transferred to the animation editor in layers ready to be keyframed and rigged – the two main ways that we digitally move assets.  Because there is no onsite video production – a pro to animation is that it can be completely produced remotely – saving time and sometimes budget.

3D Composite Video

We can create 3D extruded text and objects to bring a product or a main title to life!  3D compositing and animation is a unique and creative way to stand out and make a statement.  Since the product is not captured with a traditional video shot, the ability to add incredible effects is only limited by your imagination.  Anything really becomes possible visually.

Greenscreen Studio Video

Greenscreen can be a great choice to show off a personality while using motion graphics to explain a product or service. We created this look for a bank by filming on a large green screen background, building an animated 3D background; then keying it in adding graphics and color correction to make it pop.

Flat Design Animation

Flat Design Animation

Motion Graphic Video

2D Line Animation

Stop Motion With Live Footage

Aerial Video and Drone

Corporate Company Profile Video

Application Explainer Animation

Commercial Video Production

Video Production for Product

Short Documentary / Ad

Custom Animation


It’s no surprise that video is one of the best ways to inspire people.  And it’s not just about going to the movies.  Every day millions of people watch millions of videos that make them laugh and cry, think.  Video that scares them, convinces them to buy something or even changes the way they live! 
One of our favorite things to do here at Yoyostring, is to move people in a direction that they may not have been heading before.  


Captivating people is easiest with video.  However, there is a lot of video out there for people to process. Because of this, we strive at making every project that we are involved with different and unique with something a viewer can grab onto.  

It might be an image or maybe music, or graphics. Something unexpected can mean the difference between someone watching or not watching. 


Finally sharing.  One of the best things about working on video projects for people, is the delivery of the final cut, and knowing they just want to show it off.
It’s great when we hear that a video was loved by the team, or my boss thought it was so great, or we made twice as much money at our fundraiser and we believe it is because of the video. 
That’s our final goal,  Creating a video piece that you can be proud of and want to show off! 


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