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Video + Animation Production in Seattle; and other places.

Video + Animation + Motion Graphics + VR + Augmented Reality + Projection Mapping

Seattle + San Diego + Los Angeles + Portland      

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Everything you need & want.

 This is Yoyostring Creative, a Seattle-based full-service video production company who’s services include design, audience analysis, concept development, storyboarding, script writing, talent, filming, animating, voice over, color correction, audio mixing and video editing. 

We help inspire your viewers and achieve your vision to ensure you’re getting bounding creativity and excellent value for your money.

Your video will be creative, original, high production esthetic;  and it will generate results.
 We get paid in full when you get the video you love, or you don’t pay anything.  That’s called a 100% risk free guarantee.

We’ve been excited to work with really well known brands like NIKE, Dell and Boeing;
but we cater to our smaller local brand partners just like the big ones, and offer the same service and production quality. 
We’ve got this!

Featured Projects

Traditional Video

Museum of Flight
Broadcast Commercial

We were asked by the Seattle Museum of Flight to create a broadcast commercial to advertise the Apollo 11 Smithsonian exhibit.  From dreaming up the creative idea to production and post-production; seen on the U.S and Canadian West Coast.


Museum of Flight
Animated Commercial

In addition to the live video commercial, the Museum of Flight wanted a second commercial in a different style to diversify their message and to reach a different demographic than the live video might reach.  Custom art and high end animation. 


Motion Graphics

Bush School
Onboarding Video

We were asked by our sister company to create a motion graphic video using only pictures to share the with new students as a teaser opening to thier onboarding for the school year.  Shown to parents and students and used both at an event and online.

360 Video/ VR

Nana Wall Systems
360 Video Commercial

In addition to creating a traditional video commercial, Nana Wall Systems wanted a 360 VR experience that they could use at 
their convention booth to show off their doors allow people see the system up close.
Click on the video to move around in 360. 


Museum of Flight

Museum of flight animation

Bush School

Nana Wall Systems 360

Sound Mental Health
Fundraising Gala Video

Sound asked us to create a video that really shared the personal stories of four of their clients and their journey to find housing in the Seattle area.
We also wanted to do something unique and surprising, so we created animated characters for each client and animated the image of the building that they live in.
IIt gave the video an endearing quality that seemed to connect the clients and the work that Sound does with the attendees at the Gala.

Sound mental health       

360 VIDEO / VR



Your message goes out to an audience that is more distracted, more jaded, and more demanding than at any point in history, hard to hold attention. 
We want to captivate the people watching your video and we want to captivate you; because creating visual media is really powerful and fun! 
The result of all of that is a video that people want to watch and share with others. 


Will they employ your services, purchase your product, or join your cause?

Our passion is to give your message the means to leave a lasting impression. It requires technical, artistic, and a personal expertise working for you.  
And we want to inspire you too.
What can you create that you never even thought possible?


From script writing to storyboarding, production and post-production; we’ve got this.  And we can share and show you the process so that video creation becomes easy.
Don’t know where to start?  No worries.

We will teach you the ropes while creating a video that educates the people watching your project. 
Now, what do you want to say?

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